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CNC (Computerised Numerical Control ) is also known as CNC Turning.

CNC is used in automobile industries for part production. It replaces conventional turning machine for getting higher level of accuracy (within 5 microns) of mass production. Cycle time also is reduced and toolchanging is also easy in CNC.

CNC  Main Unit Gurgaon :: CNC main unit was started by G.S. Chaudhary  in Gurgaon In 2006 For Technical  skill Development & Industrial working Employees and ITI /Dip/ B Tech Students.

We provide CNC Training in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR   for ::



•  Engineering  Students of FINAL SEMESTER( Degree/Diploma) as per AICTE guidelines.

1. Individual Basis
2. Campus Basis


•  Industrial working candidates on individual base and corporate base :

1. Associates (Electrical/Mechanical/Engineer)
2. Engineers (Electrical/Mechanical/Engineer)
3. Managers and above.


Routing of tool according to coordinate of points known as CNC programming

CNC Programming is a group of functions or instructions which are arranged In a sequence manner and perform accordingly. One Command  is provided for each Function. CNC scane the programme sequencly in blocks from top block to Bottom block.


CNC Programming Elements : CNC Training in Gurgaon

  • CNC Programming is made of blocks & blocks are made by commands. Commands are provided for different functions.

CNC Programming Training in Gurgaon : Elements are given below -

  1. 1. Command,  2. Block,  3. Different Addressing Code,  4. Programme Scan,
Programme Header,    6. Programme Footer

CNC Training in Gurgaon : Operating Mode

  1. Manual mode – manual mode is used for individual start / stop of any function.

Different functions:

Chuck clamp/D clamp – chuck is used for holding the job.

Method – 
Step 1 – select jog mode
Step 2 – chuck clamp / D clamp by foot switch

Conditions – all axis should be at home.

Turret index – turret is the tool holding device used for holding the tool & supporting against cutting force.
Different stations are used for holding different tools 8 station turret is using in this machine.

Method –
Step 1 – select jog mode
Step 2 – press turret inch button.
Conditions – all axis should be at home.

  1. Auto mode – auto is used for automatic running of NC programme.

There are two modes :

Single block – block by block running programme.

Method –

Step 1 – select auto
Step 2 – select single block
Step 3 – press cycle start button -> single block     
Will work on pressing one time to the cycle start button for next block repeating cycle start button.

Conditions – PPK (programme protect key should be in off position)

Auto – this mode is used for automatic running programme by one time pressing

of cycle start push button.

Method –

Step 1 – select auto
Step 2 – press cycle start button
Conditions – PPK (programme protect key should be in off position)





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